Special events

ENLG 2009 will include two special events:

1. Generation Challenges 2009

In recent years, there has been a strong interest in shared tasks for NLG. Following the First NLG Shared Task and Evaluation Challenge on Attribute Selection for Referring Expressions Generation (ASGRE 2007) and the Referring Expression Generation Challenge 2008 (REG 2008), the Generation Challenges 2009 will be held in conjunction with ENLG 2009, as an umbrella event designed to bring together three different shared-task evaluation efforts that involve the generation of natural language. The Generation Challenges are organized by Anja Belz, Albert Gatt and Eric Kow.

2. Generation of Vague Language

ENLG 2009 will have a special track devoted to the generation of vague language based on exact input data. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for generating natural language reports both from very large databases (high level medical reports from real-time intensive care unit data, or executive sales summaries from business databases, etc.) and from over-specified inputs (graphs, spatial and geographical databases and other images, for accessibility technologies). Although there are generally agreed architectures for these systems, there are still pressing questions on the characteristics of the language to be generated for such reports. For instance, when working on NLG in continuous domains such as the ones mentioned above, vague expressions (e.g. a "moderate" increase, a "slight" fever, or a "few" spikes in heart rate) and "gradability" issues such as the success of a referring expression are more than likely to arise. This special track of ENLG will tackle issues of vague language, relevance and the use of referring expressions while generating language from very large databases or from over-specified inputs.